MaxAuthor Tutorial #4:
Add a fill-in-the-blank (Cloze) exercise to your MAX lesson

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 MaxAuthor lets you add an optional Fill-in-the-blank exercise to your lesson. This is also called a 'Cloze' or 'Vocabulary Completion' exercise.  The student's job is to type in the correct character(s) for each blank or, alternately, select the proper answer from a choice list.

Click on View...Cloze Segments or click on the C toolbar button.

We could use automatic segmentation to place Cloze blanks every Nth word, but in this case, we will place the segments manually.

To create your first Cloze Segment, highlight the word “dog”.  This is going to be the word we 'blank out'.


 Click on Segment…New which brings up the Cloze Segment Properties dialog box.

There are two properties of a Cloze segment that can be changed, the Question Format and the Answer Judging.  The Question Format is either <<student types in answer>> (the default) or the name of a choice list that the student will pick from. Choice lists can be shared between Cloze segments, which can save a lot of typing.

For this segment, we will just accept the defaults, so just click on OK.


 For the next cloze segment, we are going to present the student with a few choices that they can select from, so they don't have to type in the answer directly.

Highlight the word “brown”, and click on Segment…New, and in the Question Format box, click on the Edit button.

In the Cloze Question Format dialog box, click on the New button. 


 In the List Name box, type “colors”.  This name is only used for the author’s benefit, it is never shown to the student.  Other list names could be: "nouns", "adjectives", etc.

Notice that “brown” is already in the list because it is the correct answer and must be a choice that the student will have.  Click on Add to add a new color (distractor) to the list, and type “red”.


 Now click OK, and you will see that the “colors” choice list is now associated with the blank you’ve been working on.

Click on OK to dismiss the Cloze Question Format dialog box, and then OK to dismiss the Cloze Segment Properties dialog box.

Test your lesson by choosing Test…Cloze and select OK to save your lesson.


 The student is shown two blanks and if they click on the first blank they have to pick from two choices: red or brown.  If they click on the second blank, they have to type in the answer.

When they click on Check, the student's answers are compared to the correct answers and displayed.

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