MaxAuthor Tutorial #3:
Add a multiple choice exercise to your MAX lesson

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 MaxAuthor provides an easy way to add an optional multiple choice exercise to your lesson.  Click on View...Multiple Choice or click on the M toolbar button, and highlight the word “beach”.

We are attaching the multiple choice to this word because we want to draw the student's attention to the word when we ask the multiple choice question.


 Click on Segment...New and the Multiple Choice Edit dialog box appears.  In the Optional Multiple Choice Question Prompt box type “what is the color of the beach?”

This is the question that will be asked of the student.  This question can be written in the target language or in English.


 Click on the Add button and type “Red” and click on OK, then add “Brown”, “Green”, and "Unknown".

Now click on “Unknown” and then Select Answer, and you will see the A designator move to it.  This is the correct answer that the student will hopefully select.

Click on OK to dismiss the dialog box.


 Now, test your lesson by choosing Test...Multiple Choice and select OK to save your lesson.

Note that the student can keep trying the ones incorrectly answered until they are all correct.

Click on File...Exit to return to MaxAuthor.


 To further edit your multiple choice question, either click once on the segment and select Segment...Properties, or simply right click on the multiple choice segment to bring up the Multiple Choice Edit dialog box again.

You can right click on almost any type of segment (footnotes, word, sentence, etc.) in MaxAuthor to view or change the segment's properties.

For more information, see the MaxAuthor Manual.

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