MaxAuthor Tutorial #2:
Add audio to your MAX lesson

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 MaxAuthor provides an easy way to record audio for each word and each sentence of your lesson. Although audio recording is optional, it is highly recommended.  First, you need to delineate the boundaries of words and sentence segments. Switch to View...Word from the main menu or  click on the W toolbar button.

Highlight the first word of the lesson using the mouse or the cursor keys while holding down the shift key.


 Click on Segment...New (or click on the Add toolbar button). The word now becomes underlined red with dots to show you that it is an unrecorded word segment.


 Do the same for the next word. Note that you can double click on a word to highlight it. There are two cursors in MaxAuthor, the text cursor (a blinking vertical line) and the segment cursor (a heavy black horizontal line). The segment cursor may not be visible if the text cursor is not on top of a segment.

If you misplace a segment's boundaries, you can remove it by clicking once on it and selecting Segment...Delete and trying again. You can also tweak a boundary by using Segment...Boundaries. Note that segments of the same type must not be overlapping.


 A quick way to segment is to highlight an entire section of text and choose Automatic Segmentation. MaxAuthor provides its best guess for the segment boundaries that you can later fine tune. 

Highlight the rest of the sentence that is not segmented so far and click on Segment…Automatic Segmentation.


 To record the word segments in your lesson, make sure your microphone is working, click on the first segment and choose Audio...Record All Segments.

The MAX Audio Recorder dialog box will pop up. Click on Record to start recording the underlined word segment. Recording continues until you click Stop. Then, Play your recording, re-record it, or Save it. After you have saved it, you will automatically be prompted to record the next word, and so on.

Note: on some versions of Windows, the Windows Taskbar can obscure the MAX Audio Recorder and other input windows. We recommend that you set your taskbar option to Auto Hide.


 When you are about to record a word that has already been recorded, MaxAuthor plays the already recorded word and you can elect to Borrow the previous recording or record a new one.

Note that the segment changes from a dotted line to a solid one once you have recorded it.


 Switch to View...Sentence Segments and create the sentence segment. You should include trailing punctuation as a part of the sentence. When you create a sentence segment, you are prompted for Dictation Presentation Order (starting from 0). In this way, you can control the order of presentation for each sentence in the Listening Dictation Exercise, or choose Don't Use if a sentence is too long, too short, or otherwise not appropriate for a listening dictation exercise.  Click OK.

Record the sentence segment by clicking once on it and choosing Audio...Record All Segments.


 Click on Test...Student Max to test your lesson. The student has 3 views of the lesson text: Word, Sentence, and Footnote. When in Word View, the student can click on your words to hear them.  Note that the Dictation, Flash card, and Pronunciation exercise buttons are now enabled because word and sentence recordings have been created.  Try out these exercises to see how they utilize your recordings.

Select File...Exit from Student Max, returning you to MaxAuthor.

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