MaxAuthor Tutorial #1:
Creating your first lesson with MaxAuthor

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 Select File...New from the MaxAuthor main menu to bring up the Create New Max Project dialog.

Type in a project name (less than 8 characters with no spaces or file extensions), pick English as the written language for your first lesson, and select a directory for the new project (MaxAuthor creates a new directory for each project).

Then click OK to bring up the Enter New Lesson Information dialog.


 Type in your name, a short lesson description, and add an audio language (American English) that you will record later.

Then click OK to start editing your new lesson.


 Type in one sentence for your lesson: "The brown dog likes the beach."  MaxAuthor acts like a text editor that has several layers (or views) of information. Initially, you will be in Word View.

For non-English text, you can click Help...Keyboard Mapping to see how to type characters in the written language of the current document.


 Add a text footnote to your lesson by clicking on View...Footnote Segments on the main menu. This switches you to Footnote View, and you will notice that the green F button is now depressed on the toolbar.  (Tip: you could also have just clicked on the F button directly to switch to footnote view).


 Then, highlight the word “beach”, and choose Segment...New from the main menu, and for the type of footnote, choose A text footnote. A window will appear where you can type your text footnote: “Most towns permit dogs on the beach”. When you are finished, click the “Close Window”   box on the upper right hand corner of the footnote window.

Test your lesson to see what the student will see. Make sure your new lesson is the active window. Click on Test...Student Max on the main menu. You will be prompted to first save your lesson, click OK.


 The MAX Student application then starts up using your new file.

You will see your text footnote underlined in green, and when you click on it, your footnote text appears at the bottom of the screen.

Click on File...Exit to leave the student view and return to MaxAuthor: Don't forget that each MAX application (MAX Student, Dictation, etc.) has extensive help available from the main menu.

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