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Comments from MaxAuthor Users

Professor Dana Scott Bourgerie, Head of the Chinese Section, Brigham Young University

"Anyone with moderate, general computing skills should be able to author lessons in a short time. Indeed, after giving an hour introduction to my research assistant, she was able to create basic MAX lessons. I began authoring lessons after a short orientation session. I find the hyperlinking feature easy to use and convenient in providing graphics and notes. I have found the program to be very stable. Since installing it about a year ago I have had no major problems, and yet to have a crash."

Dr. Rosangela Silva, American University of Beirut

"I have really enjoyed working with MaxAuthor. Besides being very easy to use, this software allows authors to create materials taking into account goals of specific language courses and learners' needs. In addition, students do not just read the language texts but also listen to them, and even see native speakers using them."

David J. Silva, Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington

"MaxAuthor is an excellent tool for developing language materials that can be specifically tailored for a target audience. What's most innovative about MaxAuthor is the way in which the software provides language educators with an intutitive, non-intimidating way of developing a family of useful language-learning activities from a single text. I have every reason to believe that such a tool would prove itself a real boon to language teachers at all levels.

I also appreciate the way in which MaxAuthor incorporates sound principles of language pedagogy. As research in Second Language Acquisition tells us, language learners, particularly adult learners, are best served by a variety of language-learning contexts. Exposure to native-speaker output is critical, and here, MaxAuthor 's audio and video capabilities are outstanding. Moreover, adult learners typically seek out more explicit, systematic information about the target language; in this case, MaxAuthor 's system of footnotes and flashcards provide the desired support. Finally, learners need the opportunity for feedback; thanks to the built-in cloze and multiple choice activities, learners are capable of monitoring their own progress, thereby allowing them self-sufficiency.

MaxAuthor manages to incorporate sound principles of language pedagogy without resorting to the gimmicky "flash" that all too often characterizes many commercially available computer-based language learning tools. Moreover, it provides a rich, user-friendly environment that allows educators to turn their own materials into a complete set of learning tools. It's a major step toward serious, thoughtful use of modern technology in the classroom, one that should find a warm and hearty welcome."

Comments from recent MaxAuthor Workshops

"The presentation was very good and the program seems user-friendly enough for language teachers who would prefer to spend more time on creating materials than grappling with technology."

"I really like the fact that you have tested this and revised it multiple times to make it so user-friendly for faculty to concentrate on content not the technology."

"The presentation was clear and the tools looked user-friendly."

"...MaxAuthor is fantastic!"