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MaxAuthor - Chinese Support

The MaxAuthor supports Chinese using the supplied 24x24 bitmapped fonts. MaxAuthor was used to create Beginning Chinese, a part of the Critical Languages Series. UACALI MS-Windows applications can show Pinyin below the Hanzi characters. MaxAuthor can create Chinese HTML versions of MAX lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I do automatic segmentation in Word View, MaxAuthor makes each character a separate word segment, what am I doing wrong?

In order for MaxAuthor to properly segment Chinese text, it must have been entered as compounds, see UACALI CJK input systems.

When I select View...Pinyin from the main menu, I don't see the proper Pinyin below the characters.

If you imported GB2312 text as the basis for your Chinese lesson, you will not be able to see Pinyin below the Hanzi characters properly. To avoid this, use MaxAuthor or EZR to enter the lesson text. Both applications store the Pinyin compounds typed when the Hanzi characters were selected so that they may be properly displayed.

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