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MaxAuthor - Cantonese Support

MaxAuthor supports Cantonese using the supplied True Type font. The Yale romanization system is used. MaxAuthor was used to create Beginning Cantonese, a part of the Critical Languages Series using both romanization and Hanzi characters. .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I type letters with diacritical marks in Cantonese Romanization?

Please note that a lesson in MaxAuthor can use the written language "Chinese" (using characters) OR "Cantonese Romanization" (using an extended font which has diacritics). When you create a new lesson in MaxAuthor, the first thing it asks you for is the "written language" of your text and this is where you specify which one you want.

Once you have started entering text for your new Cantonese lesson, you can see a list of all keyboard mappings by choosing the main menu command Help...Keyboard Mapping. For example, you can get an 'n' with a falling tone by pressing ALT and '3' simultaneously, and then 'n'.

How do I switch between English and Cantonese keyboards?

Hold down the Control key and press the Insert key to switch. You can always look at Help...Keyboard Mapping to see what the mapping currently is.

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