CALI is no longer active at the University of the Arizona. This website will remain as an archive indefinitely.

The MAX Family of Software

Our authoring and delivery systems operate with MS-Windows and can accommodate multilingual text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and European languages. Our software has been carefully constructed to be easy to use for both instructor and student and can optionally use the World Wide Web for delivery of some lesson formats. Typically, the instructor creates lessons using our MaxAuthor authoring system and then makes the lessons available to the students. Then the lessons become available for use with: MaxBrowser, Listening Dictation, Pronunciation, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary Completion, and Audio Flashcards. The MAX family of programs have been refined with the help of linguists, language instructors, and students over many years at the University of Arizona and is a part of The Critical Languages Series CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, now available through UA/PRESS.

Our new system for delivery of MAX lessons over the Internet is through MaxBrowser.

MaxNet is our older system for delivering content and exercises using HTML and scripts. Thousands of students have used our exercises with audio for the languages: Chinese, English, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lummi, Mojave, Portuguese, Russian, Southern Paiute, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Yaqui.